Selecting the right materials is a very important part of making Amigurumis. Picking a proper yarn, hook size and the right colors strongly influences the final result … and it is just fun to use a nice hook, fancy yarn or funny scissors :). Please, find my choice below.


 Catania yarn from Schachenmayr

Weight: 5 ply

100% cotton

Yardage: 137 yards (125 meters) per 50g ball

High-quality all-round cotton yarn in a wide range of colors giving a very nice crocheted surface and easy-care.

Brazilia yarn from Schachenmayr

Crocheting with Brazilia yarn (eyelash yarn): first it may seem to be a bit difficult to work with it, but you can get used to it quickly. Additionally your result will be great.
While crocheting with Brazilia I usually try to keep the main part of the hair stay at the back side of my work (actually it happens automatically) and this way you can see your stitches a bit better. That is why I usually suggest to comb the piece at the end to make it fluffier.

Crochet Hooks

Additional Accessories


Can be obtained from any crafts store, but you may get it a lot cheaper by using the filling of a cheap pillow.

Tapestry needle


Safety eyes


You may find it useful to use a stitchmarker for counting your rounds


Sometimes the use of a weight (e.g. a small pebble) is suggested to lower the figure’s center of gravity

Elastic band

3 cm wide black elastic band used in my bookmark patterns.

Felting utensils

Merino wool and felting needle for making the hair for some of the dolls.

Amigurumi with wire skeleton


I usually use some 3 mm diameter single core copper PVC-coated electrical wire.

You can get it in any hardware store such as Home Depot (USA, Canada), OBI (EU) or a similar chain.

It should look like the one on the pictures below:

Probably any kind of wire will be sufficient, if it is flexible, but sturdy enough to hold the figure. I use the electrical wire, because it is easy to obtain in my area and the PVC coated copper is resistant to corrosion.
Make sure that it is not too flexible!


Rubber tape (electrician’s tape) 1,5 cm wide to secure wire ends


For cutting wire