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Santa Claus


Rudolf the Reindeer

Merry Christmas!!!

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Geoffrey the Giraffe, Jambo the Elephant,
Buzzie the Vulture and Leon the Lion
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Giorgio the Gecko, Carlos the Toucan & Chili the Parrot
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Do what you love – love what you did…

Crocheting is fun! It gives you the opportunity to make very special toys, cute amigurumis and personal gifts.

With my designs I try to create happy / funny characters and with amigurumi patterns I try to make your work as easy as it is possible. In each pattern I provide you a very detailed description with lots of pictures so that you can easily follow it. I hope this makes your crocheting time very valuable and joyful!

As crocheting is my hobby, I’m always happy to get comments, questions about my amigurumi patterns and I try to answer them as soon as it is possible. So if you have any problems with my patterns or designs, do not hesitate to contact me! I take happily pattern wishes, as well…

Thank you for visiting IlDikko Amigurumi Patterns! I hope you will come back soon!