Dice – Crochet Pattern

W DSC08790


  • Yarn/wool: I have used Catania yarn from Schachenmayr in white (0106) and black (0110) color.
  • Crochet hook: 3.0 mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Filling
  • 120 cm of thin wire (diameter: 1 mm). To be used for stiffening the sides.
  • Rubber tape (electrician’s tape) 1,5 cm wide to secure wire ends
  • Pliers for cutting wire
  • Scissors


  • St(s)   –           stitch(es)
  • Ch       –           chain
  • Sc        –           single crochet
  • Inc      –           increase (2 sc in next st)
  • Dec     –           decrease (2 sc worked off together)
  • (nr)     –           indicates the total number of stitches in the current row/round
  • FO       –           Fasten off

Important Notes

  • All rounds are worked in a continuous spiral. Do not join or turn, unless instructed otherwise
  • You may find it useful to use a stitchmarker for counting your rounds

Size of Finished Figure

Using the suggested yarn and hook size the dice will be about 4,5 cm by 4,5 cm by 4,5 cm.



With white yarn (make 6):

W dsc08782

Round 1.  4 sc in double adjustable ring                                                                                          (4)

Round 2. 3 sc in every stitch                                                                                                             (12)

Round 3. (sc, 3 sc in 1 stitch, sc)4-times                                                                                        (20)

Round 4. (2 sc, 3 sc in 1 stitch, 2 sc)4-times                                                                                  (28)

Round 5. (3 sc, 3 sc in 1 stitch, 3 sc)4-times                                                                                   (36)


Take the thin wire, form a square that fits exactly into the next round (see pictures above). Secure the ends with rubber tape. The next round must be crocheted around, enclosing the wire:

Round 6. (4 sc, 3 sc in 1 stitch, 4 sc)4-times  (44)

Slst around. FO. Leave a long yarn tail for sewing the sides together.

With black yarn embroider the dots on the sides:

With invisible stitches sew the sides to each other:

W dsc08787

Before closing the last opening, stuff the dice with filling:

W DSC08789

CONGRATULATIONS! Your dice is ready :)!

W dsc08805